Africa is home to a great and thriving contemporary art culture. Established in Cape Town in 2001, the Jeanetta Blignaut Art Consultancy reaches a network of more than 500 African visual-art professionals on a continuous basis through its numerous collaborative projects.

Our Approach

Motivated by Jeanetta’s passion for developing a strategy of sustainable corporate involvement in the arts, the consultancy has 10 years experience of providing a range of specialist art services that have far-reaching results.

Our aim is to cultivate a cultural imperative that recognises the need for long-term commitment to the visual arts. This means that when the Consultancy is advising on an art strategy, thinking goes beyond “the collection” itself, but extends to incorporate a meaningful social investment, embracing the artists as individuals, and by means of the total intervention, endeavouring to significantly impact upon the cultural welfare of the African continent.

We view the pool of artistic talent in Africa as a tiered pyramid – with undiscovered talent at the bottom, established artists at the top, and with many levels in between. Our interventions are carefully designed to impact meaningfully at every level of skill, with a special focus on providing emergent artists with the necessary tools to maximise their potential.